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A picspam for challenge fourteen over at picspammy - End of the Decade.

This is the first installment of my Ships of the Decade picspam! I have at least three other catagories to do, but the odds are that they'll end up being in one spam, because I've learned my lesson on using so many damn caps for one ship! Big mistake! They'll all be top fives too. I know five is a small number, but since I've seperated them into the different categories, picking more than that would be hard! Anyway, anyone that knows me knows that I'm not much of a shipper for couples, but I was able to pick five for this list! They're all pretty predictable, but that's okay, it was fun either way! Please enjoy and be sure to look out for my other ones soon!


I honestly don't think there is any other couple that is more perfec together than these two. Like, obviously I think all of my ships belong together and that they go well together and everything, but these two ... they're just - I can't imagine them being with anyone else. I guess if they were, they'd act differently, but then they wouldn't be their ~true selves. Their dynamic is so hilariously awesome, and one of a kind, from all the shows I've watched, anyway. They're always insulting each other and being mean and honest, but that's their way of telling each other they love each other. But at the same, they're also not afraid to actually say the words and tell each other how they really feel - even though it's obvious to the other without saying it. I just find it so refreshing, I don't know. Their actual set up is totally unique too, being divorced when Jordan first comes on, and then they hook up, and she gets preggers, and he takes her back, thinking that the baby is someone else's, how they can't function when they think they're still married, and have a divorce ceremony, lol. Like I said, they're perfect!

Urgh, these two. Originally, I didn't want to include them, and was trying to think of any other ship that I could possibly put here, but I just don't ship enough couples to think of anything else. But then I thought about it, and even if my feelings for them are currently tainted and urgh, that doesn't change how obsessed I was with them last year, so I felt better putting them on the list. Plus, making the art, and going through all the caps from the first half of S1, reminded me of how adorable they were and how much I still love them from that period and could love them again. I hated what they did to them in the second half of S1, and was just praying for a break up, and  at the time, I was happy with how it was handled, but since then, I've been peeved, mostly about how Dixon has been written, and of course, the Tedster. I was expecting them to be with others, but I just hate Teddy so fucking much in general. Anyone but him! I'm not looking forward to the rest of the season at all. I just wish they had left Dixon out of it! But yes, I can't lie, they were my whole life in late 2008, and I still think they were so presh and perfect then! They were different, but handled it maturely, and yet still had things in common. That's what I loved about them. You know, everything they rewrote for the second half of S1. Whatevs, they were perfect, and will be again. At least I think so today. It'll change.

I loved these two like whoa when S4 was first airing, but it's hard to remember just how much I loved them at the time. Thankfully, having just rewatched all of S4 while capping it, I fell in love all over again. They were just perfect to me. They were such a breath of fresh air for the OC, which had really been getting bad over the previous two seasons. I know lots of people think killing Marissa was a huge mistake, but I think it was the best thing the show ever did, because it really opened things up in the last season. Taylor was exactly what Ryan needed, and like the quote I used, she saved him! And considering he was always the one saving everyone throughout the show, that line has always been amazing to me. I always liked Ryan fine, but I totally fell in love with him in S4, and during his relationship with Taylor. He was always smiling! He has an adorable smile, my God. And Ben was so funny. I do wish we got a more reassuring ending, but leaving it up to us to decide is good enough for me! I decide that Ryan brought that kid home, and Taylor was there waiting, and they all lived happily ever after! ♥

I didn't watch American Dreams when it was airing, and didn't get into it until a couple years ago, but it didn't take long for me to become obsessed with it - and Sam/Meg were totally my otp of the show. They were just so amazing and adorable and angsty and precious. As you can see by my list, I don't usually go for the overly angsty couples, but I couldn't help it with these two! Maybe it's because they're adorable and presh on top of it. One of the things I love the most about American Dreams is the fact that because of the decade it's set in, they don't have to rely on stupid and contrived drama for ships or characters, and that's the most true for this ship. I loved how slow their build up was, how they were just friends first, and it wasn't until half way through S2 that Sam's crush on Meg was addressed, and then Meg didn't seem to ~realize until their dance, which was epic, duh! I'm still so bummed they never really got a real chance, but I'm just so glad that they were addressed before the show went off the air. I have faith that they ended up together later, when their families stopped being such douches.

Okay, I'm just going to say right off the bat that I'm going to avoid all the negativity that came with shipping them, and avoid mentioning a certain douche, whose name starts with an A. The other douche whose name that starts with an A, who isn't part of this pairing, I mean. Bazinga! No, seriously, I'm just going to say that I love and adore them and I always will. Their story and build up in S1 will always be absolutely perfect to me, with my only complaint being that I wish they didn't sleep together after their first kiss - but mostly just because if they had that to build up to in S2, that contrived drama probably wouldn't have happened. But I digress. Mandy and Gaby were absolutely perfect together, and they made Spashley what they were, since they really saved them in the later seasons, when the writing certainly didn't do them any favors. I loved how thoughtful and patient Ashley was in S1, and how the development of her feelings for Spencer was totally obvious, even if we didn't see her POV too much. Plus, even though it wasn't really addressed, I loved that Ashley didn't seem to hook up with a single girl during S1 (other than Paige, after Spencer went out with Aiden), even though she was supposed to be some big playah - just showed how big her feelings for Spencer were. I loved their bffness (with obvious overtones) in S1, and I think that's what bothered me most in S2, was that was completely forgotten, and Aiden was suddenly her bff, not Spencer, just because they were together. Urgh. But they ended perfectly, and we got half a season of adorable coupliness full of implied sexing and adorable. They're also one of the only ships/shows that I read fics for, and there are so many absolutely amazing Spashley fics out there, and gah, just love ♥


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