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Another picspam for challenge nine over at picspammy - Scenes.

Dr. Cox: Morning sickness sucks. I know. I've been there? Hey, Jordan, are you crying?
Jordan: No. I don't know. I'm just completely hormonal. I mean, you try going from out of control horny to clinicly depressed six times a day.
Dr. Cox: Give me a break, I can knock that out on the way to work ... Hey, lady. I'm proud of what you're doing here.
Jordan: Really?
Dr. Cox: Yep.
Jordan: Thanks.

Jordan: Last chance. Do you want me or not?
Dr. Cox: Oh, Jordan. I'm so sorry, but ...
Jordan: Forget it. I was kidding. I was kidding, really. Help me up.
Dr. Cox: Help you up? Help me up!

Julie: So is your ex-wife like all women are crazy crazy, or more like that assisstant who tasered David Spade crazy?
Dr. Cox: You've gotta try to understand, she's going through a rough time right now, and I'm the one that she's used to leaning on. Which, in her current condition, is actually causing me more physical pain than it is emotional.

Dr. Cox: But still. It sure was silly of her to try to make me choose between the two of you.
Julie: I guess it was a pretty easy decision, huh?
Dr. Cox: Well, when I really had a chance to think about it, it turns out it was the easiest decision I ever made.

Dr. Cox: I was always gonna wind up with you.
Jordan: So the whole vulnerable crying thing worked, huh?
Dr. Cox: I never had a chance.
Jordan: You do realize I'm pregnant, don't you?
Dr. Cox: Yeah, they're both for me.
Jordan: Cheers.

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